My touristic excursions in South Africa

Besides visiting a lot of good golf courses, I had the chance to see some really cool other places!

In Johannesburg, Nicole Garcia took me to visit the Lion & Safari park. It was incredible to be able to walk next to cheeta’s and pet them. In the beginning, it was a little bit scary but after a few minutes, you get used to it. We also got to spend some time with 2-4 month old lions! It was an awesome experience which I will never forget.

When I got to Cape Town we had a few days off and decided to go up the Table Mountain. It really was the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen. If you’re thinking about going to Cape Town sometime it is really one of the things you need to visit! The next day we drove all the way down to Cape Point and visited Cape of Good Hope. It was a really special place. I enjoyed South Africa a lot and I feel very lucky to visit these beautiful places. 

Stories of my life on tour

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