Cool news: new sponsorship announcement

I'm super excited to welcome my new sponsor to the team! JANZEN is a great brand that is successful in the body & fragrance industry. I was lucky enough to meet the owner and connected through the passion for the game of golf.

Janzen - Pure moments of happines
JANZEN perfumes originated from love for the richness that is experienced during travels around the world. Giving thought to the smaller things in life, fragrances of the unusual and colours of the unknown. The unique formulas of pure ingredients make JANZEN products an addition for everyone. 

I like their products a lot and I can imagine that you are curious about them as well.
Have a look at their website:

And if you're doubting about which fragrance you will like, try the fragrance test to see which one fits your taste & feel the most. 
My favorite fragrances are: 
Black 22, Grey 04 and the special edition in cooperation with Chantal Janzen called: &C x Janzen. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more stories! 
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