The Sunshine Ladies Tour has come to an end

Unfortunately, my tournaments in South Africa has come to an end. I really enjoyed my time there and had a great experience playing the Sunshine Ladies Tour.

It has been a little bit of a rollercoaster for the last two weeks. Because of my errors in the last two events that I discovered too late after signing my scorecard. I've got disqualified because of that. I'm really disappointed that something like this happened to me. People who know me well know that I'm a very precise person, always checking things twice and making sure that I'm doing it the right way. I've never had a DQ before in my whole life.

The first tournament that it happened I was really disappointed about my round. I signed my card without checking well enough and after walking out the scoring area I checked on live scoring. I immediately discovered the error and went back to the scoring. Unfortunately, it was too late and got DQ'ed.

My last tournament was the SA woman's open, a LET event. I was really excited to play my first LET event of the year. I got in the field because of my ranking in the order of merit on the Ladies Sunshine tour. After a few good practice rounds, I was ready to go again.

For the first round, I had an early tee time which I always like here in South Afrika because of the hot days. We had some difficult wind to handle with it was a strong wind that changed a lot whole round. I started off with a +2 which was a very good round compare with the rest of the field. there were a lot of high scores. When I finished my round I did some practice and went back home. When I was doing my stats and discovered an error again. I got really upset but I knew that I needed to go back to the golf club to tell my error. Because of that, I got disqualified.

I'm angry with myself it never happened before and now it happened two weeks in a row. But I know that it will never happen again and I will get a lot more opportunities.

The positive thing is that at the moment I'm working with my mental coach on some things to improve. One thing is I'm focussing to stay more in the moment this leads to that I will be more relaxed not thinking about what happened before and do not worry too much. This is a thing which I'm improving a lot I'm able to stay so more in my momentum more than ever.

I've got a lot of new information to work out about my game, this will help to improve my game for the rest of the season. I'm happy what I already achieved. I improved my game, learned a lot shot some under par and got some more experience. 

The next tournament starts on the 5th of April I will be playing the Terre Blanche Ladies Open in France which is the first event of the LET Access. You can follow the scores at

Stories of my life on tour

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